четверг, 22 января 2015 г.

Card with camera for The Crafty Pickle)

Here is my card for The Crafty Pickle today!
 The colours are neutral and the golden stars add some joyfulness to this card.
This card is absolutely universal, you can give it as a present to the boy or to the girl)
The title says "For you.." that's why this card is for any holiday!
Here is the flair that I used for this card.
 There are 4 different beautiful cameras in the Set!) I love it, I think I have used it all yet.
The Camera in this card can symbolize the hobby or the profession of the person, so it can be a perfect present for the photographers!
Thank you for stopping by, I hope my card inspired you!
Have a good day!

3 комментария:

  1. я смотрю ты подсела на звездочки))))) классная открытуля!

    1. На золотые звездочки!) не могу остановиться пихаю их везде) наверное это мой самый любимый нож)

  2. Юля, добрый вечер. А подскажите что за нож такой звезды. Спасибо.